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The State Company Russian Highways (Avtodor)

The State Company Russian Highways («Avtodor»)

The State Company Russian Highways («Avtodor») was established in 2009. The Company's objective is to develop a network of high-speed toll highways, attract off-budget investments, and to develop road service facilities.

The State Company Russian Highways is a trust manager of the 450km long M1 'Belarus', M4 'Don' (1,517km), M3 'Ukraine' (432km) motor road, and of the new M11 'Moscow - St Petersburg' high-speed highway. The State Company carries out their comprehensive renovation.

Avtodor is in charge of the development of the Central Ring Road (TsKAD) in the Moscow Oblast.

The State Company employs the public-private partnership (PPP) mechanisms to implement all its major projects.

Avtodor State Company has commissioned first road facilities (a segment of the M1 'Belarus' motor road bypassing Odintsovo and a segment of the M11 'Moscow - St Petersburg' highway between the Moscow Ring Road and Solnechnogorsk), implemented under concession agreements. In 2014, a segment of the M11 high-speed highway between kilometres 258 and 334 to bypass VyshnyVolochok in the Tver Oblast was opened for traffic; this project was implemented under a long-term investment agreement.


The Federation Council is the upper chamber of the Federal Assembly

The Federation Council is the upper chamber of the Federal Assembly

The Federation Council is the upper chamber of the Federal Assembly, the Russian parliament. It is composed of two representatives from every constituent entity of the Russian Federation with one representing the legislative (representative) authority and the other the executive authority, as well as the representatives of the Russian Federation appointed by the President of the Russian Federation whose number shall not exceed ten percent of Federation Council members representing legislative (representative) and executive authorities of Russia’s constituent entities. The Constitution of the Russian Federation defines the powers of the Federation Council. Exercising legislative power is its main function.

The Ministry of Transport of the Russian Federation

The Ministry of Transport of the Russian Federation

The Ministry of Transport of the Russian Federation is a federal executive authority in the transport industry, which carries out functions on elaborating state policy and normative-lawful regulation in the sphere of civil aviation, the use of airspace, sea, internal water areas, rail, road, urban and industrial electric transport, road infrastructure, organization of safety navigational hydraulic structures, transport security, registration of aircraft and traffic management in terms of organizational and legal measures to manage traffic on the roads.

Federal Road Agency (Rosavtodor)

Federal Road Agency (Rosavtodor)

Federal Road Agency (Rosavtodor) is a federal executive authority, which provides public services and administers the state vehicles and roads property.

Rosavtodor's area of responsibility covers the functions of the public purchaser of federal grants, R&D and innovations programs and projects on the relevant activities, including the "Roads" sub-program of the "Development of Transport System of the Russian Federation (2010-2020)" federal grant program.

The Federal Road Agency manages 49 thousand km roads, more 5 thousand bridges and road interchanges, car tunnels, more 200 crosswalks in different levels.

Civic Chamber of the Russian Federation

Civic Chamber of the Russian Federation

The Civic Chamber was established in 2005 under the Federal Law ‘On the Civic Chamber of the Russian Federation’. Its purpose is to help citizens interact with government officials and local authorities in order to take into account the needs and interests of citizens, to protect their rights and freedoms in the process of shaping and implementing state policies, and to exercise public control over the activities of executive authorities. The Civic Chamber promotes active cooperation with international community.

Environment and Conservation Committee

Environment and Conservation Committee

Our Committee addresses problems which without exaggeration exercise minds of all of us. Everyone wants to be sure that water he or she drinks is clean and pure, air is not polluted, foods contain no harmful components and there is no threat of harmful environmental contamination. All of us, our children and grandchildren and most succeeding generations are entitled to live in a safe, comfortable and well-balanced world.

The year 2017 was declared the Year of the Environment in Russia. This once again lays emphasis on environmental issues we face, i.e. preservation of the environment and minimization of damage caused thereto and finally to people by business operations. Extensive and passionate actions and joined efforts of the community and public authorities are required.

Administration of Krasnodar region

Administration of Krasnodar region

The region is located in the south-west part of the Northern Caucasus. Krasnodar Region occupies an area of 76,000 square kilometers and is the southernmost region of Russia. The basis of the industrial structure of the Krasnodar Region is made of the industrial, construction, fuel and energy complexes, the area of the information and communication technologies, as well as the agroindustrial, transport, resort-recreational and tourist complexes. The last three directions of activity (agroindustrial, transport, sanatorium-resort, and tourist complexes) correspond to the priorities of social and economic development of Russia and determine a special status of the Krasnodar Region in the country's economics. The transport complex provides implementation of the foreign policy and economic interests of Russia in the zone of the Black Sea and Mediterranean economic cooperation, making a significant input in the increase of "coherency" of the country's territory.

The unique for Russia natural and climatic conditions of the region, availability of the leading medical establishments and technologies, historical places of interest create a potential for development of a highly effective, competitive tourist and recreational complex of an international level, building a positive image of the country at the international arena and providing the growing needs of the population in the services connected with rest, treatment and tourism. Owing to a combination of favorable climatic conditions and availability of the therapeutic muds the Krasnodar Region is the most popular resort and a tourist region of Russia and, in fact, the only place in Russia being a balneological and a resort-recreational center.

The potential of the sanatorium and resort complex of the region is being implemented due to creation at its territory of a special economic zone of a tourist and recreational type. The leading sectors in attracting the investments are transport and communication, agroindustrial, sanatorium and resort complexes, determining the priorities of the regional economics.

The rating of the Krasnodar Region in the world business community is rather high: the Standard & Poor's agency had granted the region with an international investment rating of the "BB" class (a "positive" prognosis). Moreover, the region enters the top seven Russian regions with the lowest investment risks and holds the second place in the rating of Russian regions classified by a legislative activity in the sphere of investments.

The region is holding the 10th place in the country by a number of specialists, issued by the institutions of higher education, and the 4th place by a number of specialists, issued by the institutions of secondary education.

Thus, the region has a powerful potential of a preceding development, determining the possibilities of growth of its input into implementation of tasks of the government of the Russian Federation.

«Business Russia»

«Business Russia»

International activity is one of strategic work areas of “Business Russia”. Its purpose is to create mechanisms to support and promote interests of the Russian business community abroad and foreign businesses in Russia. Among International Department key competence sare following:

  1. development of the Russian non-oil-and-gas companies external economic opportunities;
  2. promotion of national hi-tech export;
  3. formation of permanent bilateral discussion mechanisms (business platform format)to frame comprehensive solutions on the most important questions of business partnership;
  4. establishmentan extensive network of partner organizations (foreign businesses) and business ambassadors (official representatives of “Business Russia” abroad);
  5. promotion ofinitiative tocreate Russian Federation trading houses abroad on the basis of public-private partnership;
  6. contributing to improve the country’s investment climate;
  7. development of Russian businesses appeal abroad.

For more than five years “Business Russia” actively contributes toshaping of both the internal and international business agenda:

  1. Business council of CICA (The Conference on Interaction and Confidence-Building Measures in Asia);
  2. B20 forum;
  3. APEC forum;
  4. BRICS forum;
  5. “Business Russia” together with the Chinese federation of industrial economies (CFIE) is the cofounder of The Belt & Industrial and Commercial Alliance (BRICA). This is an international non-governmental organization created for information exchange to assistindustrial investment as well as trade and economic cooperation between the countries and regions along routes of the Silk Road Economic Belt.

In 2017 according to the decision of Russian Government “Business Russia” became a member of the Business council under the Organization of Black Sea Economic Cooperation (BSEC) which unites the leading business associations of the Black Sea area.

In 2016 “Business Russia” representatives tookpart in 47 bilateral intergovernmental commission meetings, corresponding work groups and official delegationsvisits. “Business Russia” organized 32 Russian business visits abroad, hosted 18 business-missions in Russia, including ones in regional offices, and signed 11 cooperation agreements with foreign business associations and export&investment agencies.

“Business Russia” also organized and hosted the largest international events, such as VI Russian-Japanese investment forum, Russian-Singapore business forum, forum “Russia-Brazil: the strategic directions of cooperation”, etc. Additionally, “Business Russia” traditionally hosts two-and multilateral events on the country’s leading platforms: KEF, SPIEF, EEF and IIF in Sochi.

Implementation of the National Technology Initiative (NTI)

Implementation of the National Technology Initiative (NTI)

Implementation of the National Technology Initiative (NTI) is one of the key tasks set by the President of Russia Vladimir Putin on December 4, 2014, in his Address to the Federal Assembly. AutoNet is one of the 9 NTI markets responsible for unmanned road transportation based on the development of sensor systems, and software for recognition of road situations and transport management. It is an ecosystem that unites representatives of business, science, education, government, international partners and associations in the relevant segments of the market. It is aimed at development of a competitive industry in the field of transport telematics and logistics of people and things.

Official site:,

Agency of technological development

Agency of technological development

Agency of technological development - is a Russian state institute of development which assists Russian companies in implementing world class solutions to deliver competitive domestic products.

Agency works with existing enterprises and offers them ready-made technological solutions. Cooperation is aimed at eliminating technological and economic gaps that prevent many Russian enterprises from producing competitive products. The agency provides partners with services of search for modern technologies in Russia and abroad, collects investment projects, selects measures of necessary state support and accompanies them at the implementation stage. Agency works in cooperation with foreign countries - Japan, China, Korea, Italy, Germany and Israel. International partners of Agency are Japanese organizations NEDO and JETRO, South Korean organizations KOTRA and KIAT, Harbin Service Center of International Trade KOVO and others.


Limited Liability Company Avtodor - Trading Facility (LLC Avtodor-TF)

Limited Liability Company «Avtodor - Trading Facility»(LLC «Avtodor-TF»)

LLC «Avtodor-TP» offers a comprehensive service package that includes managerial and engineering support, preparing and implementing procurement and auction procedures under applicable laws of the Russian Federation:

  1. procurement preparation, management and conduct (under Federal Law 223-FZ of 18 July 2011, Federal Law 44-FZ of 05 April 2013);
  2. preparation, management and conduct of auctions involving sale of property, incl. lease auctions (Order 67 of the Federal Antimonopoly Service dated 10 February 2010);
  3. calculation and substantiation of initial contract prices;
  4. development of requirements specification for procurement;
  5. expert assessment of the compliance of bids with the laws, conditions and requirements of procurement documentation;
  6. participation in the management of conflict situations and consideration of appeals by bidders;
  7. individual approach to the management and conduct of the Customer's trading and procurement procedures.

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